Enjoy Baking!

Happy Place has excellent teachers. In addition to providing professional baking courses, Happy Place also designs activities and courses for different schools, social welfare organizations, companies, and private groups, suitable for all ages. In addition, the company can also assign tutors to come to teach, and the teaching range includes Chinese, Western-style new school or traditional baked desserts.

Welcome to new bakers

Don't know anything about baking? We will teach you every step of baking enthusiastically and patiently so that you can make your own baked goods.

Premium Baking Tutorial

Professional tutors come to teach, tailor-made classrooms, and let the participants enjoy the fun of baking.

Relax & Comfortable

Forget any worries, get your hands on a dessert and bake, and find joy in your own world!

About us

There is no substitute for something hand-made

The love of baking is something to show off, and with this passion, we make it with our hands. The sense of accomplishment that comes from looking at your finished product is where the fun lies.

Sometimes, put aside your worries, make a dessert, and find joy in your own world. When a mouthful of the finished product is placed in the mouth, a touch of unspeakable sweetness floods into my heart. This small blessing is the best way to release stress.

I wish you all a wonderful baking life just like us.

The purpose of Happy Place is to be a place where people who participate can share the joy of our baking and leave happy memories for everyone.

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Our courses

Select the baking course you would like to enroll in

Professional tutors come to teach. Enterprises, companies and schools are welcome to hold baking and dessert classes. We can customize the class according to the location, facilities and requirements of the guests, so that the participants can enjoy the fun of baking.

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